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    Welcome to my Don Kelley web site. From the nav bar above you can see my tour of Major League Ballparks and choose which ones to check out. In the summer of 2014 I finished a big item on my bucket list: seeing a game at every Major League Ballpark.  And I did it. In 2017 I had to “top it off” because the Atlanta Braves replaced Turner Field, only 20 years old and still looking good, with SunTrust Park in the northern suburbs.  My tour includes seeing games at all 30 current ballparks, plus 12 more than are either gone (old Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Griffith Stadium, Memorial Stadium, Arlington Stadium, Veterans Stadium, The Metrodome) or are no longer used for baseball (Olympic Stadium, RFK Stadium, QualComm Stadium, Sun Life Financial Field, Turner Field). I’ve also been to three more – just a visit, no game – that are gone (old Busch Stadium, The Kingdome, Tiger Stadium) and the sites of two others (Huntington Avenue Grounds, Braves Field).  So take a look.

    I hit two in the 50’s, two more in the 80’s, six in the 90’s, and really cranked it up in the 00’s and 20-teens.  So enjoy, and if you’ve been to any of them, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

    You’re also welcome to check my blog, View From Section 29, for commentary and observations on baseball, radio, or whatever. 

    And, if you happen to be in the radio business and want to improve your ratings – I’m talking both PPM and Diary markets, check my other site, Ratings Results. It’s a free visit and you might learn something.