The Big A, Anaheim CA

1-Anaheim header

1-Anaheim seating

1-Anaheim 1

Original 1960’s Big A look.

1-Anaheim 2

1970’s and 80’s look – enclosed for Rams football.

1-Anaheim 3Center Field shot, 1987. The big hats have he Disney-era logo.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Stadium entrance and ticket window with current-day hats.


1-Anaheim 5

  Edison Field as it looked during the 2002 World Series.

The team was called the Los Angeles Angeles from 1961-1965, playing at LA’s Wrigley Field (a replica of Chicago’s Wrigley, but not as big) and then Dodger Stadium.  The new stadium opened in 1966 and has been named The Big A, Edison Field, Anaheim Stadium and Angels Stadium. The team was renamed the California Angels when they moved to Anaheim in 1966, then became the Anaheim Angels in 1997, and the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles in 2005. 

September 12, 1987, I was in Anaheim for the NAB Radio Show.  Stayed at the Disneyland Hotel.  Iold kids  went to Disneyland, of course, and rode Space Mountain. I hate rides like that, and as you wait in line there are warnings for people with pacemakers. But 6-year-old kids were coming off it and laughing with delight. I was by myself and decided this was the time to try it. If I wussed out at the last moment no one would know.  I kept my eyes closed the whole time and it was actually not that bad.  

On Friday night I went to the Brewers-Angels game at the Big A with our Mix 106.5 consultant, Jim Herron. The Rangers won, 4-3.  We sat in the second deck, first base side. They served tofu and whiskey sours at the refreshment stands.  The centerfield fence and grandstand were an odd setup because of football.  I remembered seeing that when I watched the Red Sox in the 1986 ALCS. 

In 2001 I was in LA for the R&R Convention.  On Friday night I drove by during a Dodgers-Angels Interleague game.  The Rams had moved to St. Louis and the stadium had been rehabbed for baseball only. The weird centerfield grandstand was replaced by Disney-type rocks and a waterfall.  The name was changed to Edison International Field.  Subsequently the team changed owners and was renamed Anaheim Stadium and the team was renamed the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, an attempt to turn their back on Anaheim and be an LA team, which they were originally.  

I should have gone earlier and stopped in to the game, but I had to head back to LAX for a redeye to Boston.  The Wellesley Orioles were playing in the Championship Game on Saturday afternoon.  I got home at 10AM and napped.  We won it big time, 17-6 over the Reds.  That was my last Wellesley Girls Softball game as a coach.

I have saved the tickets from almost all of my ballpark visits, but I cannot locate this one. It’s probably in a pile of handouts and brochures from the 1987 NAB Convention. If I ever come across it, I’ll post.

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