Coors Field, Denver

1-Coors Field header


1-Coors Field aerial

1-Coors Field seating

1-Coors Field 1

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The row of seats at the mile-high mark is Rockies purple.  Note that the seats are angled toward home plate.

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Red Sox at Rockies 9-13


Red Sox at Rockies 9:13


Todd Helton last AB

Todd Helton’s last at bat. September 24, 2013.

1-Coors Field 6

First visit: September 24, 2000.  I stopped in Denver on the way home from NAB in San Francisco and took a cab from the airport to Coors Field.  It was about a 30-mile ride.  I was surprised at how flat Colorado is east of Denver.  As flat as Kansas.  Snow fell that September morning, but it melted by game time.  I sat in an upper box, Section 126, looking down the 3rd base line.  I had a Rockie dog and a Coors.  Okay, I had two.  Larry Helton homered for the Rockies.  Waterfalls go off in center field when a Rockie hits a homer.  Former Red Sox 2b Jeff Frye played for the Rockies.  Future Red Sox players Kevin Millar (lf) and Mike Lowell (3b) played for Florida.  The Rockies won, 9-3.

1-Coors Field ticket 1

Second visit: September 24, 2013.  I few to Denver to see the Red Sox play at Coors. Got to Denver at 10:30AM  Mountain Time so I rented a car from National, where you can choose and car in the aisle and go. I almost got a pickup truck but decided against it because I was planning on some pre-game driving. As in lunch in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Then a spin east on I-80 until I hit Nebraska, which looked like Nebraska in the movie except in color. Not much there. I headed back to Denver in time for the game. It was Todd Helton night. The final game for the longest-ever career Rockie. He was presented with a horse before the game. After his last inning plaint 1st base his daughter went putt and “stole” the base and handed it to him.  At the end of the game he ran all around the park high-fiving everyone he could reach, like Yaz did at Fenway 30 years earlier. The entire Red Sox team stayed in their dugout to watch the whole thing. A guy from Denver who was sitting next to me said he thought that was a classy move by “your guys.” I didn’t argue. 

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