Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia

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1-Vet seating

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The Vet had a lousy fake field and an orange and yellow color scheme when I went in 1993.

1-Vet 2                                                                                                                                                                                                              Later they put in a new field. Less crappy, but still fake.  The seats were changed to blue. 


1-Vet 3Note the Bud logo was italicized.


1-Vet 4


The Liberty Bell would light up when a Phil hit a homer. At the new ballpark they upped that to three Liberty Bells: red, white and blue. 

1-Vet 5At the Phillies Hall of Fame there was no mention of how they set an all-time sports record with their 10,000th loss.


1-Vet 6 Nothing like a Philly Cheesesteak at the ballpark.


1-Vet 7Former Phillies 3rd baseman Mike Schmidt had a statue outside The Vet.


1-Vet Phiilies 8Above:  The Vet viewed from Packer Avenue in 2001.   Construction on the new ballpark next door had just begun.


1-Vet 9

A similar angle from 2003 shows some progress.  

1-Vet 11 October 2003:  Construction had come a long way.  The new ballpark opened in 2004 and I was there for Game One.

I was in Philadelphia in January 1993 for a WMGK monitor.  I looked around the locked stadium the day of Bill Clinton’s inauguration.  That summer I was back for a WMGK Strategic.  Saw the Cardinals and the Phillies on July 28th.   I bought a $7 scalper ticket for $5 right before game time.   Sat in the top deck in center field.  Had a Philly cheese steak.  Big and sloppy and tasty.  It was a back and forth game that the Phillies won, 10-7.  After a third-out flyball catch Cardinals right fielder Mark Whiten (who later had a cup of coffee with the Red Sox) would drop and ball on the fake field and it would roll all the way to the mound.  The crappy fake field (top shot above) was later replaced by a much better – but still fake – field.  In addition to Whiten, players in the game who spent time with the Red Sox included Phillies’ Rheal Cormier (95, 99-00), Dave Hollins (95) and Larry Andersen (90-they traded Jeff Bagwell to get Andersen), as well as Cardinals Luis Alicea (95, plus 1b coach in the 00’s) and Bernard Gilkey (2000).

I was back working in Philly in 2003 while the new ballpark was being built and stopped by a few times to see the progress.

The new field – originally slated to be named Phillies Ballpark but Citizen’s Bank bought the naming rights – would have have real grass.  It was built right across right the street from the Vet.

1-Vet ticket

Can you believe the ticket is only $7 and I talked the guy who sold it to me down to $5? 



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