Memorial Stadium, Baltimore

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33rd Street entrance.

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 Note the Bud logo at the time. Block letters not italicized nor in script.

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Caitlin’s first trip to a baseball game. White Sox at Orioles, May 13th, 1989. Baltimore lost 8-2, but she did see Cal Ripken go 3 for 5 and his brother Billy go 3 for 4. Okay, she didn’t see all of that. She did make it through five innings so it was a quality start.

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Caitlin asked for cotton candy but I explained that it has no nutritional value (just what a four-year-old ways to hear) so she opted for “coh-corn.”

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Kathy took this shot of my nephew Joe Egan and me in the parking lot on Father’s Day 1987.

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Me, Mom, and Dad at Opening Day, 1989.  I’m wearing a Mix 106.5 sweater with my Orioles hat with the ornotholigically correct bird, a new look for 1989.  Mom has a sticker on her coat from the Orioles bullpen party we went to before the game.  Kathy took the shot.

1a-Memorial ticket First game:  Opening Day, April 6, 1987.  It snowed that morning.  I went with Bob Lind, Jon Coleman and Jim Herron from Mix 106.5.  The station had two billboards in the stadium, just over the dugouts, so we had pretty good seats as part of the sponsorship deal: box seats first base side beyond the dugout.  It was my first Opening Day since seeing the Red Sox and Yankees at Fenway Park in 1960 and the first new ballpark I’d been to since seeing the Washington Senators and Red Sox on Opening Day at Griffith Stadium in Washington DC in 1958!  A 29-year gap, but it got my ballpark tour going.

On this day the Orioles beat the Rangers 2-1 in the 10th inning.  Went to many subsequent games.  Took Mom and Dad to Opening Day, April 3, 1989.  We sat in the second deck, 3rd base side.  Red Sox and O’s.  Dad’s last ballgame.  I probably should have sat next to Dad that day. President George HW Bush threw out the first pitch.  Egyptian President Hosne Mubareck sat in the box with Bush.  The PA announcer Rex Barney had a hard time pronouncing his name (Mubareck, not Bush).  They did not play the usual “Walk Like An Egyptian” video between innings.  Cal Ripken hit a 3-run homer off Roger Clemens.  The Orioles won, 5-4 in 11 innings.

I went to many more games there over the three years I spent in Baltimore and the Orioles became my second favorite team.

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