Jacobs Field, Cleveland

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Jacobs Field-1

 The night time view of the entrance.

Jacobs Field-2

This road is I-90, US 20 and US 6…eventually becoming the Mass Pike, Comm Ave and the Mid-Cape.

Jacobs Field-3
Jacobs Field-5 

I took this one from the top corner of the bleachers.

Jacobs Field-4

“The Jake” as they call it, was designed by the same people who did Camden Yards. It opened a year later. Between the first and second decks there are three levels of luxury suites. The concourses are easily three times the size of what Fenway has…all the way around.

Jacobs Field-6

Jacobs Field-7

I thought that Houston has the biggest scoreboard, and they probably do, but Cleveland gives them a run for it. Big and bright. The out-of-town scoreboard in the left field wall is electric and bright…like the wraparound signage at the TD Garden in Boston.

Jacobs Field-8

Jason Varitek at bat in Cleveland.

Jacobs Field-9

A Red Sox fan right near me got a foul ball, then gave it to a kid he didn’t know across the aisle.

Jacobs Field-10Jacobs Field-11 
Jacobs Field-12

The restaurant in center field is called “Batter’s Eye”

Jacobs Field-13

These fans were enjoying the cheap seats.

Jacobs Field-14

They sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame slowly and with less enthusiasm than at either Fenway or Wrigley. Notice how light it still is in the 7th inning of a night game. It was June 22, the second longest day of the year, and Cleveland is in the western part of the Eastern Time Zone. 

Jacobs Field-16

Keith Foulke gets DH Travis Hafner to fly to left for the second out the 9th inning.

Jacobs Field-17

One of the many Red Sox fans there took this shot of me.

Jacobs Field-ticket1

First game: June 22, 2005. I went to Cleveland for the R&R Convention. The Red Sox were in town that week and had already beaten Cleveland on Monday and Tuesday nights. I got there on Wednesday and had a box seat in Section 136 that I’d ordered when tickets went on sale in February. The crowd was about 35,000 and a lot of Red Sox fans were on hand. You could clearly hear the “let’s go, Red Sox” chants every time Manny Ramirez, the former Indian, got up. The locals booed, but not loud enough to drown out the Sox fans. It was a back-and forth game that the Sox won, 5-4 in the 9th.

Jacobs Field-ticket2

Second game: June 24, 2005. Friday night the Reds were in town for Interleague play (it was the Ohio Challenge) and I went again. Got a face- value ticket on the sidewalk in section 128. Ken Griffey, Jr. homered twice. 27,000 were on hand that night. The Indians lost again, 5-4.

Jacobs Field was designed by the same people who did Camden Yards and it has a similar look. They have a nice sound system, which they use constantly. In the first inning Coco Crisp opened with a double and suddenly you get the hook of “That’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it” by KC & the Sunshine Band. You get the electronic clap and “duh-duh-dat-duh-daaaah” a lot. If someone gets a hit the electronic scoreboard lights up with “A HIT” in case you weren’t paying attention. When it’s rally time an animated guy raises his arms to get people on their feet and the sign says, “let’s make some noise!” It’s colorful, but at Fenway you don’t have to tell people when to cheer. They know.

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