Yankee Stadium 2, NYC

1-New Yankee header

1-New Yankee seating

1-New Yankee 1

The view from 153rd street showing the old and new ballparks.

1-New Yankee 2

The exterior looks like the old shots of the original stadium.

1-New Yankee 3

1-New Yankee 4

Behind the plate looks very similar except for the bigger scoreboard and ads.

1-New Yankee 6

The latticework around the roof looks like the original stadium prior to the renovation in the 70’s.  We sat near the right field foul pole.  Good view, but the view from Sec 29 at Fenway is better.

1-New Yankee 8

1-New Yankee 9

Jed Lowrie at bat, Mike Lowell on 1st, held on by Mark Teixeira.

1-New Yankee 10

Legroom is substantially better than an Fenway.  The field level seats have thick and comfortable padding.

1-New Yankee 11

This was really disappointing.  The scoreboard tells you to make some noise, and in case you forgot how to clap, the graphic shows you how.  Just put those hands together.  I expect this stuff in places like Kansas City, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Phoenix.  Yankee Stadium should not have to stoop to that level. 

1-New Yankee 12

Caitlin and Kara joined me for the Thursday night series opener of the four-game series.


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