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Kara and I took a road trip in June of 2007.  First to Oakland, then to Phoenix.  On the plane from Oakland to Phoenix I was chatting with a couple of Red Sox fans and I said something about how many Sox fans were at the game in Oakland.  The guy said to me, “That’s nothing – wait till you see Phoenix!”


The front entrance.  The last time I saw this it was called “Bob” (Bank One Ballpark).



It was 116 degrees when we went inside.  The roof was closed during warm-ups.



It had cooled off to only 110 degrees, so they opened it just before the first pitch.





Walking around the concourse there were Red Sox fans everywhere 



In an unusual play, JD Drew’s brother Stephen, the D’Backs shortstop, homered to second.  Huh? Stephen later became the Red Sox shortstop and wore #7, the same as JD.


 Jason Varitek heads back top the dugout.


 Seats are angled so everyone faces second base.


Kara’s favorite, Mike Lowell.


 There’s actually a swimming pool in center field.  It was booked for a Red Sox party that night.


 David Ortiz at bat at Chase Field.


 View down the right field line.


Great seats. Were we in about the 4th row behind the Red Sox dugout. 


The cheer girls shot t-shirts into the crowd between innings. 

It was 116 degrees when we went in for a 6PM game, and 103 when we came out.  If you told me it was 85 I’d have believed you.  Dry heat, as they say.  Some fans near us joked that in other cities they close the roof when it’s raining, but in Phoenix they close it when it’s sunny.  Both nights they opened the roof during warm-ups.  The crowd was huge both nights, and loaded with Red Sox fans.  It was astounding how many were there.  It was only the second time Boston had played a series in Phoenix.


I thought the picture on the box seat ticket above was odd.  It looks like a shot you’d delete from a digital camera.  The SRO ticket for game two on Saturday night didn’t have it.  The Saturday game was the biggest crowd ever at Chase Field – including the Bank One Ballpark days, and including Game 7 of the 2001 World Series when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees.  The Red Sox won both games that we saw.  Josh Beckett won game 1, 10-3.  Game 2 went 10 innings, with Okajmia getting the win when Boston went ahead in the top of the 10th on a sac fly by Mike Lowell.  Papelbon saved it.


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